Personalized 'Lady Luck' Texas Hold'Em Poker Chip Set with Durable Aluminum Case (500 Chips)

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Everything you need to begin hosting poker night all in one easy to carry case.

Ante up and go all in when you bring the Personalized Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Chip to play at your next card night! Included in this package are all the poker chips you'll need: 500 Claytec Personalized chips weighing 11.5 gram each, of varying colors. They come housed in a handsome aluminum case for easy transportation and organization. Claytec construction ensures an authentic look and feel for these exclusive chips.

You and your friends will be well equipped to play out of the box with two included decks of standard playing cards, along with the full set of big blind, little blind and dealer buttons. Finally, for a little variety in your games, we’ve included a set of poker dice, so you'll never run out of games to play.

  • Complete set of 500, 11.5g Personalized Claytec, striped poker chips in a variety of colors
  • Two decks of standard playing cards are included
  • Includes all the accessories to host an official game: a full set of Big Blind, Little Blind, and Dealer buttons
  • Housed in a tough aluminum case with foam cushion to protect your chips
  • Includes a full set of poker dice for a change of pace


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Thousand Oaks Barrel Co.