Aging Whiskey or Other Spirits in a Mini Oak Barrel

by Thousand Oaks Barrel Co.

How long do I age my spirits?

There's no formula for the perfect time to age your spirits. Age to taste! We suggest you taste your spirits every week and once aged to YOUR taste, start drinking or move it to a glass bottle to stop the aging process.

Do smaller barrels age the spirit faster than large barrels?

Yes... due to the greater surface or contact area ratio, small size barrels will age 5 to 10 times faster then your standard 55 gallon barrel. These means that one month in a small barrel will produce the equivalent aging to 1 to 1 1/2 years in a full size barrel.

How do I get Whiskey from a bottle of Vodka or Moonshine?

When alcohol is distilled, either from potatoes, corn, fruit, grain or sugar cane, it produces Ethanol. A clear and tasteless alcohol. Distilleries then flavor and filter the alcohol to get their unique flavor. Vodka is the only alcohol you can buy in an unflavored form. When mixed with a bottle of Swish Barrel Premium Essence, you can recreate the taste of many of the famous brands or create your own flavor.

Make Your Own! Oak Barrel Aging Kits, Vodka Infusion Kits and Moonshine Magic!


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