Blended Whisky Essence

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20ml packet of Blended Whisky Flavored Essence. Blended barley whiskey flavor similar to the Scottish brands who mix spirits from multiple distilleries.

Instructions: Pour the contents of the packet into a barrel or (750ml) bottle. Fill with 25 fl. oz. (725ml) of 40% alc./vol. grain alcohol, neutral vodka or swish alcohol. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Makes 26 fl. oz. (750 mL). Use 1 bottle of essence per liter of alcohol.

Age spirits to your taste in an Oak Barrel!

Ingredients: Natural extracts, essences, oils and caramel color.

* Essences are not alcohol. They are flavorings formulated to mimic well-recognized & distinct types of spirit profiles.
Essences do not make an actual spirit brand or claim the spirit is from a specific region, but simply an indistinguishable flavor facsimile.


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