Japanese Blended Peat Whisky Essence

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Make Your Own Japanese Blended Peat Whisky flavored spirits at home using Swish Barrel Premium Essence. Swish Barrel essences are specially formulated to mimic the taste of premium spirit mash bills. When combined with a neutral spirit such as vodka, moonshine, or grain alcohol the taste can be indistinguishable from many known brands.

Japanese Blended Peat Whisky Essence is a blend of peated scotch flavors and Japanese single malt barley whisky. National distillers in Japan combine Scottish techniques and characteristics to formulate a superb blended whisky utilizing flavor notes from both cultures. The flavor expands and charred oak notes are imparted when aged in a small or mini oak barrel.

Instructions: Pour the contents of the packet into a 1 liter barrel or (750 mL) bottle. Fill with 25 fl. oz. (725 mL) of 40% alc./vol. grain alcohol, neutral vodka or swish alcohol. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Makes 26 fl. oz. (750 mL). Age spirits to your taste!

Ingredients: Natural extracts, essences, oils and caramel color.


Thousand Oaks Barrel Co.


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