The Whiskey Experience™ - Whiskey Making Kit

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To enjoy whiskey, all one has to do is to drink it. But to understand and experience whiskey, one must participate in its creation. Now you can! Make, age and taste whiskey-flavored spirits from around the world with the Whiskey Experience™, whiskey making kit. The kit includes a new American white oak barrel and everything you need to make 10 batches of whiskey to mimic flavors from the U.S., Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Japan, Canada and India. Also included is the newly published Whiskey Experience™ Book which explains what makes whiskeys different from the ingredients and regulations to the distilling methods and barrel aging processes. Do you know the difference between a single barrel and single malt whiskey? How about a bottled in bond whiskey versus straight whiskey? This kit is a passport to the world of whiskey and a flavorful journey every whiskey lover will appreciate. Follow the barrel food chain by inheriting flavors of previous batches or explore whiskey tastes on your own. Whether you’re a casual drinker or a connoisseur, you are sure to learn and enjoy the Whiskey Experience. 

The kit includes:

  • Barrel w/ Chalkboard Front
  • Stand, Bung & Spigot
  • Ten Packets of Essence (10 individual whiskey flavors, 20 packets for 2 liter size)
  • Barrel Wax
  • Barrel Cleaning Kit
  • Storing Tablets
  • Chalk
  • The Whiskey Experience™ Book

All packaged in a vintage style travel box. The perfect gift for any whiskey drinker. Alcohol is not Included!

* Essences are not alcohol. They are flavorings formulated to mimic well-recognized & distinct types of spirit profiles when mixed with a neutral spirit. The Whiskey Experience™ does not make an actual spirit brand or claim the spirit is from a specific region, but simply an indistinguishable flavor facsimile used to educate and entertain the consumer.


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