Turnbull's Scotch Whisky

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Turnbull'S Scotch Whisky (1855) - Vintage Scotch whiskey label art printed on wood in the selected format and size

James Turnbull Co, Hawick, Scotland

This sign is a "Woody", made of 1/2 in plywood with batons on the back and picture hanging hardware. The edges are painted black. Woodys do not require framing.

Size and style available in:

12"x12" Woody - $39.95

16"x16" Woody - $59.95

24"x24" Woody- $79.95

36"x36" Woody - $149.95

All prints are made from original art and re-prints are sold by permission from the owner. Art may show slight distress due to the age of the original art and factors from the wood.


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