The Man from Planet X

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The Man from Planet X (1951) - Vintage movie art printed on wood in the selected format and size

Ad: From his observatory, Scottish professor Elliot (Raymond Bond) keeps close watch on Planet X, whose orbit is coming close to Earth. During the planet's approach, an alien ambassador appears but falls prey to maniacal scientist Dr. Mears (William Schallert). Returning the distinct lack of hospitality, the extraterrestrial uses his otherworldly powers to turn those he encounters into mindless drones. Elliot tries to stop the creature before everyone is turned into a zombie.te Carlo in 1905. The city is still a glitzy and fashionable destination on the Italian Riviera and caters to an upscale crowd.

This beautiful poster was printed circa 1890s / early 1900s advertising a Parfumerie specializing in perfumes of local flowers. The Art Nouveau style, beautiful colours, and stunning calligraphy makes this a truly wonderful work of art. The poster was designed by Alormet of whom we know little about.

This sign is a "Woody", made of 1/2" wood with batons on the back and picture hanging hardware. The edges are painted black. Woodys do not require framing.

Size and style available in:

12"x18" Woody - $49.95

18"x27" Woody - $79.95

24"x36" Woody - $129.95

All prints are made from original art and re-prints are sold by permission from the owner. Art may show slight distress due to the age of the original art and factors from the wood.



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