Montavon Powder

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Montavon Powder (c1900s) - Classic advertisement printed on wood. 

Ad: At the end of the 1800s, many remedies against alcoholism flourished for exasperated wives. In 1915, Montavon powder was marketed, until 1997, to cure drunkards. This powder, mixed with alcohol, caused unpleasant sensations. This ad shows an over-poured man getting a drink from the dead. Also notice the actions of his faithful pet.  

The Woody is made from ½ inch wood with two ¼ inch batons on the back to raise the art off the wall and picture hanging hardware is applied for easy hanging. This design format provides a traditional picture look by adding a deep dimension to feature the piece on the wall. 

The Woody offers a distinct advantage to printing art on paper. Wood is a natural stable medium, therefore it’s free of acids and other chemicals that will cause water marking, staining, fading and deterioration from light. Modern UV inks will retain their color properties for decades and when printed on wood will age beautifully thus creating additional value. It not only makes a great addition to your home, it’s also a one of a kind piece that will last a lifetime. 

Sizes to Choose From: 

12" x 18"  Woody 
18" x 27"  Woody 
24" x 36"  Woody 

All prints are made from original art and re-prints are sold by permission from the owner. Art may show slight distress due to the age of the original art and factors from the wood.


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