Whiskey Sour Cocktail Mix

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Whiskey Sour Cocktail Mix
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Whiskey Sour Cocktail Mix -  Single packet of Singlez Bar™ Cocktail Mix. Simply mix one packet of Singlez Bar™ cocktail mix in a glass. Add your favorite whiskey, stir and garnish. Watch the video to learn how to make the perfect craft cocktail.  Available as in single serve packets or 10 pack box.

The whiskey sour is a mixed drink containing whiskey (often bourbon), lemon juice, sugar, and optionally, a dash of egg white or cocktails foamer. With the egg white, it is sometimes called a Boston Sour. With a few bar spoons of full-bodied red wine floated on top, it is often referred to as a New York Sour. It is shaken and served either straight up or over ice. 


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