Woody or Flat

There are two formats for most signs, the Woody and the Flat;  The sides of each piece are black.

The Woody is a ½ inch plywood with two ¼ inch battens on the back to raise the art off the wall and picture hanging hardware is applied for easy hanging. This design format provides a traditional picture look by adding a deep dimension to feature the piece on the wall.




The Flat is made from ½ inch MDF with a keyhole cut out on the back for easy hanging. This design gives a modern profile by allowing the the art to hug the wall and provide a sleak clean look.


Why a wood sign? The Woody and Flat offer distinct advantages to printing art on paper. First, wood is a natural stable medium, free of acids and other chemicals that will cause water marking, staining, fading and deteriation from light. Modern UV inks will retain their color properties for decades and when printed on wood will age beautifully thus creating additional value. 

If that's not reason enough, there's the cost. The Woody and Flat do not require expensive framing. Art printed on paper require a frame and UV-filtered glass to protect the art from fading and other natural deteriation. A simple quality frame starts at $200 and for sizes such as 24"x36" it can cost $600 and up.

Printing on wood offers not only a stylish look but a one of a kind piece that will last a lifetime.

All art is made entirely in the U.S.A